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Dan Devine Pottery

Pottery Rooted in Nature

Handcrafted Pottery

Dan Devine is an artist and art educator who works in many mediums, but specializes in ceramics using low-fire and primitive firing techniques, including raku, pit-fire, horse-hair raku, and saggar-fire.

His work contains the nuances of nature – from cracks on the clay surface like the bark on a tree to curved lines impressed in the form like the flow of a stream.


Residing in the Brainerd Lakes Area with my wife, Jessica, my two boys, Macalester and Leeland, I love any time spent with my family. As an artist I enjoy exploring many mediums, but tend to focus on ceramics, using primitive and low-firing techniques, including raku, pit-fire, horse-hair raku and saggar-fire.

I first learned these methods from acclaimed Raku artist, Brad Bachmeier while living in the Fargo-Moorhead Area. As an art educator, my mission is to foster an approachable and inclusive classroom environment.

One where all students feel welcome to explore and grow their creative abilities. In my free time you’ll find me enjoying sports, the outdoors, serving through our local church, and the arts.

dan devine pottery 1

Art Achievements:

  • Pottery was shown in The Language of Clay exhibit at the Franklin Art Center and sponsored by The Crossing Arts Alliance (Brainerd, MN)
  • Awarded First Prize in the 2008 East Central Arts Council Image Art Show (Ceramic & Glass Category)
  • Award Second Prize in the 2009 East Central Arts Council Image Art Show (Ceramic & Glass Category)
  • Commissioned $10,000 from Pillager School District to design and sculpt brick mural (Pillager, MN)



Brainerd, MN